Final Fantasy Card Game Isn’t Coming to PC or Consoles (For Now)

Final Fantasy Card Game Isn’t Coming to PC or Consoles (For Now)

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game won't be making a Hearthstone-like jump to PC or consoles anytime soon according to Square Enix.

If you were hoping the newly revealed Final Fantasy Trading Card Game would be making its way to PC or consoles in a Hearthstone-like game, don’t hold your breath. Speaking with IGNFinal Fantasy Trading Card Game Producer Tarou Kageyama dispelled the idea of a digital version.

When asked if the team would ever consider bring FFTCG to a digital platform, Kageyama-san had this to say:

Lately, digital games are extremely popular and I understand that the content is compelling, but there are no plans for a digital trading card game at this moment in time.

However, that isn’t to say that the notion is entirely out of the question. He also made a quick comment that just because it isn’t currently being discussed, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be possible in the future:

Of course, at the same time, we are unable to deny any future possibilities.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game got some news earlier this week, with the launch of Opus VII featuring artwork from Toshiyuki Itahana (Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates), Toshitaka Matsuda (FFV), Akira Oguro (Legends), and Kumiko Koike (Final Fantasy). And while that roster of artists does sound impressive on its own, Kageyama-san had noted that he was hoping to expand the roster to other prominent Square Enix artists:

This is purely me expressing my own hopes and desires, so it does not indicate that such discussions are currently taking place in any way, but I would love to see original illustrations from other artists known for Final Fantasy, such as Tetsuya Nomura and Akihiko Yoshida. However, this is just me dreaming (laughs).

The new Opus VII set has 138 cards unique to the series, with references across the Final Fantasy series. If you’ve wanted to check out the series, you can grab the Opus VII pre-release pack from Amazon.