This Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Wedding from Japan Is Epic

This Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Wedding from Japan Is Epic

It's difficult not to smile when you see gamers expressing their passion in the most important moment of their life.

Dedicated gamers love to convey their passion even in the most important occasions of their life, and this is certainly the case with a Japanese couple that got married yesterday, in a charming display of love not only for each other, but also for the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series.

In the gallery below, relayed by Twitter user (and the groom’s sister) ウキウキさん, you can see a few pictures from the ceremony.

The pictures show the bride and groom exchanging vows read from a slime-themed book, the invitation carried in the “PS5.5” case (it was May 5th) of a fictional “Bridal Fantasy” game and a seating card with invitees represented by pixel-art Final Fantasy characters. Quite appropriately, the bride and groom are represented by Luna and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

Wedding rings were safely stored in a Dragon Quest-like treasure chest guarded by the series’ iconic monsters, while the wedding cake was decorated with a super-cute pair of chocobo and slime. Even the bride’s nails were styled with charming themed nail art.

Incidentally, I would have really loved to use a certain picture from a certain game at the top of this article, but it would have been a terrible spoiler, so I didn’t.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

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