Final Fantasy Fan Cosplays as Noctis with His Dog as Umbra

Adding man's best friend makes everything better.

By Jo Craig

August 11, 2021

Final Fantasy 15 is five years old and the sixteenth main title is not too far away from being added to the franchise. There’s the exciting matter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 2 to consider as well, making the next few years a thrilling time for fans.

Cosplayers have been keen in the past to craft their foam Buster Sword or get there hands on a Tifa-styled tank top, but FFXV has plenty of worthy characters to portray, with the four, main protagonists wearing muted outfits that could be more easily recreated than other Final Fantasy apparel.

FINAL FANTASY III – Pixel Remaster Trailer

FINAL FANTASY III – Pixel Remaster Trailer

Noctis and Umbra Cosplay

Redditor huntymo shared a touching photo to the Final Fantasy subreddit of their Noctis cosplay. The user can be seen wearing a plain, black t-shirt – which looks identical to the character’s in-game shirt – sporting Noctis’ iconic, choppy hair style. Even though Noctis’ hair is primarily black, the cosplayer has enhanced the character’s blue and purple highlights that can often be seen in the light. The Noctis cosplay was finished with some black, studded earrings.

One of the perks of the photo, however, was the beautiful dog posing beside the cosplayer, taking the place of Noctis’ companion Umbra. The black spitz-type dog closely resembles the same breed seen in-game and looked whole-heatedly content from getting a kiss on the head by its owner.

The cosplayer claimed to have spent “hundreds of dollars” with ten hour’s worth of work to complete the Noctis cosplay, but added that Umbra’s persona came naturally to the dog. The user also revealed that it is a wig that they are wearing in the photograph, after trying for years to get the correct cut and color on their natural hair.

A Brief History of Umbra

In Final Fantasy 15 and Brotherhood, Umbra is a loyal companion belonging to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. The dog has a white sister, Pryna, and both canines are known as Messengers of the Astrals to the Oracle. Umbra is tasked with delivering messages between Lunafreya and Noctis by way of a Lovers’ Notebook.

Umbra is thought to be a cross between a Shiba Inu and an Alaskan Malamute with yellow eyes. Umbra and Pryna are thought to symbolize Yin and Yang, similar to how Lunafreya and Noctis are represented.

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