Final Fantasy Characters Illustrations by Guest Artists Celebrate Dissidia NT 4th Anniversary

Square Enix published awesome illustrations of various Final Fantasy characters by popular artists for the 4th anniversary of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

December 23, 2019

Square Enix recently held an event to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The event was on the December 21-22 weekend at Jump Festa 2020, and included a stage event and a nationwide tournament. As a reminder, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘s competitive scene is more active in Japan seeing the game has an arcade version there. This is the same event where Ardyn was revealed in Dissidia, along with blond Rinoa and Safer Sephiroth. To celebrate this anniversary, illustrations of various Final Fantasy characters were published by Square Enix.

Most of the illustrations are by artists who are linked in some way to the Final Fantasy series, but some are completely unrelated as well. One thing for sure is that every single illustration is pretty awesome. Square Enix had the great idea of publishing each illustration directly with the name of the artist and what did they work on in the past. We have artists such as Daigo Tsukada, who does nearly all the Keyblade designs in Kingdom Hearts games. Tetsuya Nomura nicknames him the weaponsmith of the series. We also have Roberto Ferrari, who did the second form of Cloud of Darkness, some Ramuh and Bahamut designs, and also did the Avalanche members’ new designs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You can find all the illustrations in the gallery below.


If you’re a Dissidia player, you can watch the whole nationwide tournament on YouTube.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is available on PC and PS4. The game also has a free-to-play version.

Iyane Agossah

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