[UPDATED] Final Fantasy IX Releases on PlayStation 4 Along with a Trailer, PS4 Theme, and More

Ready for the newly-announced release of Final Fantasy IX for PlayStation 4? Here's an announcement trailer straight from Sony's Tokyo Game Show Conference.

September 19, 2017

UPDATE: The PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy IX has officially released on the PlayStation Store.

You’ve been patiently waiting and now it is finally upon us. It was tonight at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 PlayStation press conference when we learned that Final Fantasy IX finally made its way to PlayStation 4.

Of course, this news was somewhat anticipated, as it was only earlier today when Europe’s PEGI website was updated to show the game had been rated for PlayStation 4. However, at the conference we got official confirmation that the game is indeed on the platform.


Those who purchase the game can expect to also receive a PlayStation 4 theme, as shown in the gallery below, as well as eight character avatars as part of the Final Fantasy IX Digital Edition. The game is also at a special promotional price of $16.79 (20% off its normal price) until September 26.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Final Fantasy IX tells the story of Zidane, a mysteriously-tailed individual who traverses the world of Gaia, collecting friends and diving deeper into the tragic events that have recently transpired on the Mist Continent. As the terrible plot put in place by the evil Kuja begins to unfold, it becomes up to Zidane and his troop to save all life on Gaia.

In addition to its already superb gameplay and story, Final Fantasy IX‘s PlayStation 4 version will include the following features.

  • High-definition movies and character models
  • Auto-save functionality
  • Seven optional booster features, including high speed mode and no encounter mode, the Master All Abilities booster, which will allow players to automatically master equipped weapons and gear, as well as features to maximize character levels, magic stone counts and gil
  • PlayStation 4 trophy support, share functionality and remote play with the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system

Below you can find another gallery of screenshots from the game’s new version.

Final Fantasy IX is currently available on PC, PlayStation, PSP, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android. Below is the new trailer for the game that debuted tonight at the Tokyo Game Show event.

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