Final Fantasy IX Fans Create PC Mod, Makes Game Look More Gorgeous Than Ever

Final Fantasy IX Fans Create PC Mod, Makes Game Look More Gorgeous Than Ever

Dedicated Final Fantasy IX fans created Moguri Mod, a deep learning AI mod that beautifully upscales graphics for the PC version.

It’s wonderful to see the ingenuity of passionate fans as they take on ambitious projects without any thoughts of compensation. And this new mod for the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX, which uses an AI to upscale textures from old games, absolutely falls into that category.

Moguri Mod, according to the official website, “is a total revamping of the PC port of Final Fantasy IX through Deep Learning techniques.” This mod’s most drastic changes are in the background arts that are now more detailed, cleaner, and have a higher resolution. Moguri Mod also includes a custom implementation of Memoria Mod, which offers more customization and options than the original PC port.

Check out this twitter post showing the difference between the original PlayStation version, the recent PC port, and the PC mod version. And of course some lovely screenshots of the PC mod version below that:

You can also check out this handy tabbed image here, which lets you more directly compare the three versions and see just how phenomenal the updated graphics are. And if you’re interested in the full process of how the people behind Moguri Mod created and implemented this massive upscaling of FFIX, there’s a really cool flipbook that shows off that and more screenshots.

There’s also a stream replay of an early alpha version of the mod, explaining how it was done (it’s in French, but non-speakers can still enjoy the visuals):

Of course the remastering doesn’t stop at the graphics — there’s 15 orchestrated tracks made by composer Pontus Hultgren, which you can check out below. You can also support his Patreon if you like his work:

If you’re interested in downloading the full Moguri Mod, you can find it here. You need to have purchased the Steam version of FFIX first, which is the only version the mod works for.

Final Fantasy IX came out for PC two years ago. If you want a general review of the game and well it holds up, check out our take on the title here. Recently some lovely Bring Arts figurines of Zidane and Garnet were revealed as well (available for preorder now), proving how still beloved this game is to this day.