The Final Fantasy Relay Race is Here Again

For the fifth year, teams of speedrunners go head-to-head to see who can finish Final Fantasy games first in RPG Limit Break's Final Fantasy Relay Race V!

Final Fantasy and speedrunning fans rejoice, the Final Fantasy Relay Race is here once again, streaming over at RPGLimitBreak’s Twitch channel.

This year’s race marks the fifth time that teams Choco, Mog, and Tonberry have met to see which team can speed their way through various games of the franchise, and take the first place slot. Set to last from today through June 8, this year are 16 titles that include mainline entries like Final Fantasy III, IV, and VI, to spin-offs and sequels like Crystal Chronicles and Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII.

It is always a sight to behold when games that are designed to take 20, 30, or even 40 hours to complete are rushed through in less time than it would take to watch a movie. These teams are composed of some of the best speedrunners of these games, each of them putting on a spectacle that excites and amazes. It’s also a joy to see the chat cheering for their favorite team, flooding it with their mascots of choice.

Much like any race or sports event, commentators provide helpful breakdowns of the tricks being pulled off and colorful fun discussion for viewers to enjoy alongside the gameplay. The Relay Race serves as an excellent opportunity for the community to grow, exposing new viewers who very well may get into speedrunning themselves.

While this race won’t include the most recent release, Final Fantasy VII Remake, it does have something for everyone. I would highly recommend anyone pop by and see what it is about, as it’s quite a fun watch. You can find the full lineups of runners, games, and commentators here along with links to watch the previous races!

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