Final Fantasy Achieves Three Guinness World Records, Including Most Prolific RPG Series Ever

Final Fantasy Achieves Three Guinness World Records, Including Most Prolific RPG Series Ever

Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix and Final Fantasy as a series have been officially awarded three Guinness World Records today.

Today, during Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Frankfurt, the game, the Final Fantasy series and Square Enix were awarded three different Guinness World Records, presented on stage in front of the audience.

The first is for the longest end-credits in a MMORPG game for Final Fantasy XIV. They last One hour and 38 minutes, this is due to 1.0 Legacy players being included in the credits roll.

The second world record is for the most original pieces of music in a video game, again for Final Fantasy XIV. There are 384 original compositions in the game.

The third record, awarded to Square Enix as a whole, is that Final Fantasy is officially the most prolific role playing game series ever. There have been 87 games in the series.

In regards to the first achievement, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida mentioned that it has a special meaning for him. The launch of the first version of the game was very troubled, and while the team worked diligently to improve the game, they had the support of those players who were then called “Legacy players.”

The world record comes thanks to all the names of all the Meteor Survivors that kept supporting the game in its darkest period. Without those names and the support they represent, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would not exist.

Yoshida-san would like to personally thank those users, and the team isn’t going to stop here. They’re going to continue making the game better with the help of the players.

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As a personal note, please forgive me for allowing myself bit of pride, by mentioning that we could call DualShockers a Legacy site, among the tiny handful that kept covering Final Fantasy XIV regularly when most of the press completely abandoned it between the agony of 1.0 and the announcement of A Realm Reborn.

Back then, I was often asked why we still regularly covered a game that many considered dead. Yet, we felt that a positive, uplifting story could be glowing under the ashes. We decided not to abandon the game, and those embers turned into a heartwarming fire that makes me smile every time I think about it.  In an industry in which negative news tend to get most of the attention, we’re very proud of this, as it represents a lot of what DualShockers stands for.