Final Fantasy Versus XIII Could be Rebranded and Launched in 2014

on February 5, 2013 7:39 AM

Square Enix announced in 2006 that it had three titles in development: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. FFXIII saw a timely release, while Agito came a bit later and was rebranded as Type-0. Versus XIII has not enjoyed a similar fate, with screenshots and in-game footage being released years apart, and very little information to supplement said images and videos outside of rumor and speculation.

Here we are yet again, with yet another Final Fantasy Versus XIII rumor; are you surprised? This latest rumor, started by a NeoGAF user, posits that Versus XIII has been reworked as a next-generation title and will be renamed to distance itself from the XIII franchise. Finally, the user claimed that an announcement of the revamped game could come this year, with the promise of a release next year. He also claimed that Final Fantasy XV and XVI are already in development, though he did not state at which stage either game is engrossed in. Do with this what you will.

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