Final Fantasy Versus XIII Missing From E3 Lineup

on May 6, 2012 3:00 PM

It seems like the story surrounding this game keeps getting more and more interesting. We recently brought you an article detailing Tetsuya Nomura’s call for patience among the fans of the series.  However now it seems that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is missing from Square Enix’s E3 lineup.

At this point we only have speculation as to why the game will be absent. Certainly it seems that just pulling the game from the lineup won’t be enough to keep Sony safe from the barrage of questions sure to be asked at E3 about it. It may be that the game has fallen behind the development schedule, or SquareEnix could just be saving the game for another convention where it might have a better chance of standing out from the pack.

Unfortunately we’re unlike to know the answer soon, but we’ll certainly keep you up to date if anything does come out on the game. Be sure to follow DualShockers’ E3 coverage as well, because the clock is counting down!

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