Final Fantasy VII Is Brought to Life in Incredible Aerith and Zack Cosplay

Final Fantasy VII Is Brought to Life in Incredible Aerith and Zack Cosplay

With Final Fantasy VII Remake around the corner, cosplayers Aoki and Narga show off amazing cosplay to hype up the title ahead of release.

While many of us are holding our breath for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, others are using their anticipation in more creative outlets. Married cosplayers Natalia and Alexy Kochetkov (Narga and Aoki Lifestream, respectively) have created a photoshoot between FFVII series favorite Aerith and Zack that look so realistic, I would have thought it was a leaked screenshot.

Seen in the gallery below (with some mild spoilers to a twenty-year-old game), you can check some of the excellent work by Narga and Aoki. While we have focused on Narga’s Aerith cosplay previously, there is no doubt that this photoshoot is some of the best captures we’ve seen from her in-costume:


Apart from Final Fantasy VII, this cosplaying duo including classic styles from the Monster Hunter series and some fan-favorite Resident Evil characters. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow them at their dedicated Instagram pages.

Meanwhile, in other Final Fantasy VII Remake news, many are aware that the demo managed to leak — carrying along with it many files and the script that dataminers are combing through (which we won’t be covering). If you haven’t picked them up yet, a couple of free avatars and wallpapers focusing on Aerith and Tifa were made available as a Christmas surprise — so you can grab those now. Last but not least, a series of screenshots from Final Fantasy VII Remake has been generating some massive hype for the game, introducing a new character (“Speed Junkie” Roche) and showcasing what exactly Sephiroth will be looking like.

The original FFVII is available now on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One; meanwhile, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake will be releasing its first part on March 3, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4. If you haven’t pre-ordered the title, you can grab the Deluxe version (with artbook, soundtrack, steelbook, and extra DLC) via Amazon to support us.

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