Final Fantasy VII Aerith Cosplay is Incredibly Charming

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Cosplay is Incredibly Charming

Aerith is a beautiful, charming, joyful, upbeat character from Final Fantasy 7 and this cosplayer has captured her perfectly

Aerith Gainsborough stole the hearts of many Final Fantasy fans in Final Fantasy VII. Aerith was the last of her kind, an ancient race called the Cetra. She also possessed magical abilities that made her a target by the Shinra Electric Power Company. Aerith was always in a position where she was still running for her life, though she wouldn’t be running for her life much longer after meeting Cloud in Midgar. The two became very close, and to some degree, you could say Cloud loved Aerith.

If you played Final Fantasy VII, you know Aerith’s fate, and if you didn’t play Final Fantasy 7, there’s still a change that you do. It’s always disappointing remembering how her life was cut short by Sephiroth, and it still hurts. People have cosplayed as Aerith many times, and while Final Fantasy VII is a favorite among the cosplay community, other titles like Final Fantasy X are as well.

An Instagram user known as Natalia Kochetkova captures the simple purity and beauty of Aerith’s joyful and upbeat character. Final Fantasy cosplays are always a fan favorite, and fans create some beautiful and insanely detailed cosplays of their favorite characters.

When she’s not cosplaying a Final Fantasy character, World of Warcraft inspires a lot of Natalia’s cosplays. Natalia’s Instagram page features beautiful photos of her stellar craftsmanship and talent, along with her partner who also cosplays. If you want to check out more of Natalia’s cosplays, take a look at her Instagram, Twitter and Deviant Art page, where she uploads frequently.