Final Fantasy VII Remake Fan is Making 3D-Printed Buster Swords You Can Buy Now

Final Fantasy VII Remake Fan is Making 3D-Printed Buster Swords You Can Buy Now

You can now live out your spiky-haired, giant sword-wielding dreams with this 3D-printed Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword prop.

After several years of anticipation, this week is finally the week that Final Fantasy VII Remake delivers on a fully-realized remake of one of gaming’s all-time classics. Fans are surely set to get emotional seeing this new take on an RPG classic, and what better way to celebrate than with your very own Buster Sword.

Over on the FFVII Remake subreddit, user SchwiftyProps shared his work of making 3D-printed Buster Swords from Final Fantasy VII that happen to be remarkably accurate to how Cloud’s iconic sword is depicted in the upcoming remake. The best part, of course, is that he also happens to sell them on Etsy, and you can get your very own right now. You can check out the video and photo gallery below for a closer look:

SchwiftyProps’ 3D-printed Buster Swords are available starting at $400 for US/Canadian residents and $470 for international shipping. The swords are available in two different models: the classic version that Cloud wields, and a gold hilt version used by Zack in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. His Etsy page also offers a kit for either sword for $200 that you can assemble and paint yourself, with all of the necessary components.

While this is by no means cheap for a lot of people, in the photos that SchwiftyProps shared on Etsy, you can tell that a lot of work and time went into making them as accurate to the iconic Final Fantasy weapon as possible. Whether you’re looking for an accurate Buster Sword to go along with your Cloud or Zack cosplay or just want to commemorate the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the best way possible, this seems like a fitting tribute.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally set to arrive later this week, and our full spoiler-free review is now live if you want an idea of what’s in store for the highly-anticipated remake. Given the years of build-up around its release, so far it seems like this reimagining of the classic RPG has surely been worth the wait.