These Beautiful Final Fantasy VII Chronograph Watches Can Be Yours For Just $2,500

These Beautiful Final Fantasy VII Chronograph Watches Can Be Yours For Just $2,500

A pair of luxurious Final Fantasy VII chronograph timepieces are now available to pre-order on Square Enix's store, but they aren't cheap.

Final Fantasy fans have been in for a massive treat over the last few weeks thanks to the stunning trailers and gameplay demos shown for Final Fantasy VII Remake during E3 2019. If you decided to go all in on the $300+ collector’s edition of the highly-anticipated remake and still want something more, Square Enix has you covered with perhaps the ultimate Final Fantasy collectible with these two stunning timepieces.

Over on the Square Enix store, the company detailed a pair of luxury chronograph watches themed around Final Fantasy VII that come at a hefty price, but are sure to be a prized possession for collector’s lucky enough to get them.

The two watches themselves are hand-made chronograph timepieces that are manufactured by Seiko Instruments of Japan, with two variations: a silver “Cloud” theme and an ebony “Sephiroth” theme. Additionally, the watches include an all-glass back panel and embossed Final Fantasy VII logo on the rotor, and a mother of pearl central disk that features the respective emblems of Cloud and Sephiroth.

According to Square Enix, the timepieces will be produced in extremely limited quantities of up to 77 pieces made per region, which appears to be limited to North America for the time being (the watches themselves are being made in Japan). The timepieces are priced at $2,499.99 on the Square Enix Store and will ship in March 2020, conveniently around the same time that we can expect to see Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For a closer look at the timepieces, you can look at the Cloud and Sephiroth themed watches on the Square Enix Store, or check out the images below: