Final Fantasy VII Digital PC Download Released

Final Fantasy VII Digital PC Download Released

Fans of Final Fantasy VII that may not have a PlayStation system to play the game will be excited to know that the PC version of the game has been released today.

This version has new features including cloud saves and a character booster that will allow players to max hp, mp, and gil. The game also includes an in game achievement system that will have players explore every part of the game’s world. These achievements can be shared with friends online.

The game will be available at a promotional price of $9.99 for Square Enix Members until September 12. After that time the game will retail for $11.99 through the Square Enix eStore.

Those who have not played Final Fantasy VII will want to check out this version and those of us like me will probably buy this game again just to get all the achievements to say we are the best at this game again.

Below you can see the launch trailer.