Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Is a Punch Above the Rest

Final Fantasy VII Remake cosplay of Tifa Lockhart knocks it out of the park, perfectly nailing the vibe of the highly anticipated PS4 remake.

On one hand, we at DualShockers are very bummed that Final Fantasy VII Remake got delayed. On the other hand, the recent swell of attention and news is driving a ton of new and impressive FFVII cosplay. And some of the best of the bunch? New takes on fan-favorite Tifa Lockhart, including a fantastic photoshoot from cosplayer Shade Cramer that goes beyond the Limit [Break] of others in the industry.

Seen in the gallery below, Russian cosplayer has taken a swing (okay, no more bad puns) at the Final Fantasy VII Remake version of Tifa Lockhart. While Shade Cramer has ditched the black first layer in the athletic crop top, everything else seems spot on. This includes Tifa’s signature red gloves and black leather mini skirt.

Tifa Lockhart’s new design was met with overly positive praise from fans of the original Final Fantasy VII. Debuted at E3 2019, Tifa took center stage in Square Enix’s latest trailer showing off the game.

Outside of the delayFinal Fantasy VII Remake has gotten a bevy of news lately. In case you missed it, gamers who preordered the upcoming game from Square Enix directly will need to re-confirm they still want their copy — people who snooze on that email will lose their preorder completely. On top of that, we learned that the game’s demo will indeed be coming ahead of the official launch for Final Fantasy VII Remakedespite earlier reporting indicating it would come the same day.

And as we mentioned above, Shade Cramer is far from the only person taking on FFFVII Remake cosplay. In fact, we showcased another amazing version of Tifa Lockhart last week — it’s definitely a toss-up to determine which one is better.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on April 10, 2020 (following the recently announced delay), exclusively on PS4. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, you can still grab the physical Deluxe Edition on Amazon to help support the site. Meanwhile, make sure to follow Shade Cramer on her dedicated cosplay Instagram for some more amazing takes on iconic characters in both games and other pop media.

Lou Contaldi

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