Final Fantasy VII Remake Behind-the-Scenes Video Looks At Its Stellar Visual Effects

From its original announcement back in 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a long time coming for fans of the beloved classic RPG. Thankfully, last week the game finally launched and delivered big, and a new behind-the-scenes video gives a look at how Midgar was recreated for a whole new generation in stunning fashion.

Square Enix has released the fifth and final episode of its “Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake” series, which gives viewers a closer look at the making of the highly anticipated remake. Specifically, in the fifth installment of the behind-the-scenes video series, this episode delves into the development team’s work on its visual effects and graphics and how the studio brought new dimensions to the iconic world of the original game and its characters. You can check out the full video for yourself below:

Alongside some breakdowns of key moments from Final Fantasy VII Remake, the development team at Square Enix also shared some interesting insights into some of the decisions that were made while creating the game. Specifically, one clip shared by Square Enix shows how the team considered modeling Cloud in a more realistic fashion. Realizing that being able to wield the Buster Sword would require someone with an incredibly muscular frame, the team ended up referencing male ballet dancers when creating the new model for Cloud, to portray him as someone muscular but slim and toned.

Several other insights from the development team of FFVII Remake have been making their way online since the game’s release last week. Specifically, that includes some of the creative leads explaining why Sephiroth was introduced in the game far earlier than in the original’s story, and the voice actors sharing their process for recording their lines as these iconic characters. Likewise, you can also check out a heartwarming clip of Aerith voice actor Briana White sharing her reaction hearing and seeing her performance in-game for the first time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on PS4.

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