Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Officially Revealed

Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Officially Revealed

This box art might be familiar to you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching early next year and we now know what the box art with look like. On PlayStation’s official Twitter the company shared what players can expect for the cover of the anticipated title. Fans of the series or really anyone who knows Final Fantasy VII will be familiar with it. The art shows the games titular hero Cloud in his iconic pose from the original game on PlayStation one.

The marketing for the upcoming title seems to be in full force as we received a new trailer as well as a presentation at Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago.

I am still baffled by the quality this game is looking to have. I’ve played it twice since E3 back in June and I think it is going to respectful to fans. With the new classic mode that was recently announced, fans who are upset about there being no turn based gameplay might be more open to the idea of this remake. Based on our E3 impressions, we found it to be “a fully realized world” that players can explore again with more depth.

Along with the box art Square Enix released a new video specifically focusing on the Abzu boss battle that was shown during the TGS presentation. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a multi game project with the first game focusing completely on Midgar. The title will release on March 3, 2020 along with a costly, but cool collector’s edition. The game will release exclusively on PS4. You can pre-order it currently on Amazon.

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