Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Different Outfits for Cloud in Crossdressing Scene

Final Fantasy VII Remake: depending on the players' choices, the outfit Cloud dons when crossdressing will change, as well as Tifa's and Aerith's.

March 2, 2020

Famitsu published an interview with Tetsuya Nomura on Final Fantasy VII Remake, confirming Cloud has different outfits available during the crossdressing scene. Tifa and Aerith as well.

In the interview, Tetsuya Nomura mentioned: “We put in multiple items for the crossdressing event in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so Cloud can wear different types of women clothing depending on the players’ choices. Aerith and Tifa also have other outfits, different from the ones we showed.” We’ve seen the outfits Nomura is talking about in the latest trailer.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, before infiltrating Don Corneo’s house, depending on which NPCs you’d speak with, your dialogue choices, and some minigames, you could also change Cloud’s appearance. Cloud could end up obtaining different kinds of wigs, make-up, perfume, and the like. I personally didn’t expect Final Fantasy VII Remake to spend effort recreating all that, so it’s definitely a nice touch, especially since we’ll have actual visual details differences now. I’m looking forward to Tifa and Aerith’s other outfits too, and hopefully, like a lot of JRPGs with different outfits, there will be a way to permanently unlock them.

We’ll be publishing very soon more translations from Famitsu’s interview with Tetsuya Nomura so stay tuned.

Following the game’s appearance at PAX East 2020, Square Enix launched a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation Store. Director Naoki Hamaguchi also spoke about how the game’s development team included multiple developers from all around the world. Be sure to check out our gameplay preview too. We also covered an interview with Takahiro Sakurai, Cloud’s Japanese voice, speaking about his experience voicing him in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Public Japanese channel NHK also held a huge fan poll for the Final Fantasy series and just published the results.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on April 10 for PS4. It’ll remain a PS4 exclusive until 2021. Square Enix also recently spoke about their initial strategy regarding PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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