Final Fantasy VII Remake Concert Possible Announcement Teased by Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Concert Possible Announcement Teased by Square Enix

Square Enix might have an announcement in store for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour concert happening on February 13

Counting down towards the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour concert on February 13 in Japan, Square Enix has been sharing short video messages of the remake’s core developers on Twitter.

The first message, published on February 6 featured producer Yoshinori Kitase. He quickly introduced the concert, and mentioned he’ll be watching from home as well. Nothing newsworthy here.

Secondly, another message featured Final Fantasy VII Remake music supervisor Keiji Kawamori. Here too, nothing groundbreaking.

However, the third message, published on February 8, is pretty intriguing.

The third video message is from Motomu Toriyama – co-director of FF7R. In it, Toriyama first quickly introduced the concert as well, mentioning FF7R has many new BGM compared to the original game. So he’s looking forward to hearing an orchestra version of it all.

However, Motomu Toriyama also revealed the Final Fantasy VII Remake concert will include a bonus talk show with the developers, and he’ll be participating as well. He explained elements related to FF7R will be revealed there. It’s possible we might get some news or announcement through this part of the concert. However, it’s likely he simply meant development stories.

It’s likely the future messages until the concert this weekend will expand a bit more on what this developer talk will be. Moreover, seeing the staff appearing on the videos so far, it’s likely one of the messages will feature Tetsuya Nomura.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour was first announced back in January 2020, with the first concerts held in Los Angeles in June 2020. The concerts include several orchestrated tracks from the Remake, including the game’s theme song, Hollow, by Nobuo Uematsu. While the Japanese dates of the concerts have been canceled, an online version, with a paid ticket system, is still happening on February 13. This is what everyone should keep their eyes on.

Personally speaking, I believe the most likely scenario would be a simple developers talk on FF7R, with no real announcement. However, Square Enix could definitely seize the occasion to announce the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake at the concert. A PC version has been all but confirmed. While a PS5 version was much less hinted at than a PC version, it has a very high chance of happening as well.

Square Enix also recently registered trademarks possibly linked to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Lastly, back at New Years 2021, Yoshinori Kitase also teased future developments.