Final Fantasy VII Remake Development is “Progressing Favorably,” Says Tetsuya Nomura

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development is “Progressing Favorably,” Says Tetsuya Nomura

Director Tetsuya Nomura clarified on some previous statements about the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake, saying that development is progressing.

News about the Final Fantasy VII Remake comes few and far in between, but director Tetsuya Nomura wants you to know that the game definitely still exists. Speaking to Famitsu, Nomura reiterated from E3 2018 that development for the remake project was “progressing favorably,” while pushing back on information he deemed to be inaccurate.

An older report claimed that development had not progressed, and was halted until the completion of Kingdom Hearts III, another Nomura project. Nomura responded to Famitsu by saying, “that was not official info,” while also admitting that Square Enix’s PR was focusing on Kingdom Hearts III over Final Fantasy VII Remake. Plus, VII and other Final Fantasy titles are in the process of heading to Switch and Xbox One.

You may remember that Nomura also admitted that the game was announced quite early, justifying the move as a way to reveal the project before any sort of unceremonious leak. But at this point, Square Enix fans are all too used to these long waits, with Final Fantasy XV (which at one point in its development was directed by Nomura) and Kingdom Hearts III being the most infamous modern examples. Couple that with the cancellation of the majority of the DLC for the former game, plus the fact that The Quiet Man exists, and you have one confusing company.

What results is news in the form of scraps, like a new, single image, or a single interview quote such as the one in this very story. Regardless of where the development of Kingdom Hearts III fits into the puzzle, perhaps the eventual completion and release of that title will finally allow Final Fantasy VII Remake some attention.

Or they can make a sequel to The Quiet Man instead.