Final Fantasy VII Remake -- Here is Our Launch Day Coverage Round-Up

Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally here, and it's been a long time coming. Here is everything you should read for its big launch day.

After what has seemed like an eternally long wait, the moment has finally arrived. Yes, Final Fantasy VII Remake is real, it’s here, and most importantly, you can go play it right now. With the game’s release on PS4 today, we’re sure that you’re ready to dive into this newly-reimagined version of Midgar and ready to laugh, cry, and cheer with Cloud and the gang once again in Midgar.

With that being the case, here is DualShockers‘ round-up of everything you should read to prep for the game’s launch today. And most importantly: have fun playing Final Fantasy VII Remake! This reunion has been a long time coming, and we hope you all enjoy the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review — For the Reunion

Naturally, if you haven’t already read it, start with our review of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s an extensive look at everything that the game offers and what you can expect from the highly-anticipated remake. Also, it is spoiler-free, so you don’t have to worry about any of the game’s biggest moments being spoiled early for you (unless you go on Twitter or Reddit, then we can’t help you).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake — Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re an avid Final Fantasy fan or a first-timer to the series and want to know what all the fuss is about, Michael’s guide will help you answer the basic questions of FFVII Remake that you need to know. What is the game? Where can you buy it? Who is the best waifu, Tifa or Aerith? (okay, maybe not that last one)

Final Fantasy VII Remake — A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Adventure in Midgar

If you just picked up the game today and want to know how to get started, look no further than Allisa’s beginner’s guide. From figuring out the best character builds, to mastering FFVII Remake‘s Materia system and minigames, to general gameplay tips, our beginner’s guide will get you started on your journey through Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a New Experience in a Familiar Land

As a longtime fan of the series (and especially Final Fantasy VII), Scott looked back at his experience of playing through FFVII Remake compared to the original. Specifically, in this editorial Scott reflects on what FFVII Remake brings to the experience that feels both new and old, and how that changes the perception of a JRPG classic.

Final Fantasy VII Remake May Have Won Me Over as a Non-Final Fantasy Person

After playing the game for the first time at PAX East a little while back, Ryan reflects on what FFVII Remake offers to either new Final Fantasy players, or those that may not be as invested in the series. Even if you haven’t played a Final Fantasy game before or aren’t a superfan, there are still elements of FFVII Remake worth checking out, especially since it is such a big moment for fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Announced; First on PS4: Check Out The Trailer

Finally, a throwback to the long wait that we’ve all had to endure over the last five years. As a trip down memory lane, here is the official reveal of FFVII Remake from E3 2015, which is still chill-inducing after all these years. Of course, after that it’s worth spending some time on YouTube to relive all of the incredible fan reactions.

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