Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Images Finally Get Some Clear High-Resolution Pictures

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Images Finally Get Some Clear High-Resolution Pictures

Better pictures have finally surfaced of the new artwork of the Final Fantasy VII Remake showcased by Square Enix at an exhibition in Tokyo.

A few days ago, we reported of a number of pieces of concept artwork of the Final Fantasy VII Remake that appeared at the “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – Farewell Story Exhibition – in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, back then we managed to get only some really blurry pictures, since taking shots was apparently forbidden. At last, we got some much better ones, courtesy of TheLifestream forum user Shademp.

This time around, the images are high resolution, and they aren’t flawed by any relevant blurring, so we can distinguish a lot of interesting details of several locations, alongside character art for Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge.

Basically, this is the best you’re gonna get short of going to the exhibition at the Mori Art Center Gallery in the Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo. At least, that’s until Square Enix decides to publish the pictures.

You can check them out below. In other Final Fantasy VII Remake news a few weeks ago we read that development going well. We haven’t heard much else lately about the game, besides a small update last summer by Tetsuya Nomura, and a few comments on how he manages to work on it and on Kingdom Hearts III at the same time. Back in May, Square Enix brought the development back in-house, after a stint during which Cyberconnect2 worked on the early stages of the project.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has been officially announced only for PS4 and for the moment does not have a release window.

[Thanks for the tip: TatsuyaUesugi]