PSA: Final Fantasy VII Remake Requires Pre-Order Confirmation in the US

Square Enix requires that you confirm your pre-order of Final Fantasy VII Remake by February 28th or the pre-order will be canceled.

If you’ve pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII Remake from the Square Enix Store and live in the US, be advised! Square Enix now requires that you opt-in to confirm your order by February 28th or it will be automatically canceled.

A delay was recently announced for the game, pushing it back to April 10th from the original March 3rd release. Coinciding with this, only limited stock is available, leading to this confirmation requirement. Square Enix is sending out emails to purchasers in the coming days; a link within will take you to a web page to opt-in. If not followed before February 28th, you’ll be out of luck.

Note that payment processing for these orders won’t begin until the same date. As such, you won’t have to seek a refund if you don’t opt-in. Another email will be sent out in the week prior to confirm payment methods are up to date on February 20th, so be sure to keep an eye out for these.

This should only affect people in the US who purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Square Enix Store directly. Other outlets and stores shouldn’t be affected. Naturally, this also won’t affect digital sales.

That’s not to say that hype is slowing down for Final Fantasy VII Remake. As late as last week, PlayStation created a new television ad that highlights the game (among many others). On top of that, hopeful fans have been stretching their artistic skills — including this amazing addition of Tifa Lockhart cosplay.

If you’re still looking to pre-order Final Fantasy VII Remake, you might consider doing so on Amazon before any limited stock gets snapped up. In case you can’t contain your hype, we’re constantly covering newly revealed content for the game as well, so stay tuned!

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