Check Out The Final Fantasy VII Remake Real Stealth Game You’ll Never Get To Try

Check Out The Final Fantasy VII Remake Real Stealth Game You’ll Never Get To Try

Starting December 9, 2020, a Final Fantasy VII Remake Real Stealth Game will open up at Tokyo Mystery Circus in Kabukicho.

Scrap announced on November 13 a real-life Stealth game based on Final Fantasy VII Remake. Scrap is a company who makes Real Infiltration games, held on the fourth floor of Tokyo Mystery Circus, in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The game is doing a collaboration event with Final Fantasy VII Remake titled “Destroy The Mako Reactor 1”. It’ll open up December 9, 2020. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, a short commercial was published as well:

Real Stealth Game x Final Fantasy VII Remake: Destroy The Mako Reactor 1 Commercial

The Real Infiltration Game is an experience where participants need to solve gimmicks, avoid traps, hide from enemies, and reach a specific goal. In this event, the players act as members of Avalanche, aiming to destroy Mako Reactor 1 to help Cloud, Tifa and Barret.

Next up we have some technical details on the infiltration game. Those registered to Scrap’s monthly subscription can buy reservation tickets starting November 14, while the sale will open for everyone else starting November 16. Those who buy tickets now will receive as a bonus a Final Fantasy VII Remake Phoenix Down quill pen. The full event takes between 40 to 100 minutes depending on the players, and there’s a 30 minutes time limit for the game. Moreover, players loose time when getting shot by Shinra soldiers. Teams can be 1 to 3 people max. A one person ticket is 3K Yen, around 30 American Dollars. If you’re in Japan and planning to try it out, detailed tickets price and stuff are on the official site.

Escape Room games and Stealth games based on popular anime or games franchises are a typical thing in Japan. Moreover, companies like Scrap or Nazotoki Town are specialized in it. For example, there was a pretty fun looking one for Slayers a few months ago, held in aquariums around Japan. Was about helping Lina after she wanted to steal from a water shrine but ended loosing her powers. Really sucks us non-Japanese residents sadly never get to experience them.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently only on PS4 and PS5. A PC version should be announced in April 2021. Briana White, the English voice of Aerith, did a really cool cosplay of her character back in October.

Square Enix is currently working on the sequel, and on Final Fantasy XVI , which revealed lotsof details on its world with its official site.