Final Fantasy VII Remake Rumors Have Appeared on Reddit and They Seem Plausible

Final Fantasy VII Remake Rumors Have Appeared on Reddit and They Seem Plausible

A slew of supposed new leaks for Final Fantasy VII Remake have recently appeared, but it's hard to know whether or not they could be true.

Editor’s Note: Some slight spoilers for the original Final Fantasy VII can be found in this article.

A few days ago on a Reddit page dedicated to the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, a plethora of potential information regarding the game was revealed.

This thread comes from a user known as SquareElSegundo who apparently works for the Square Enix El Segundo branch. The user says that their source is an employee of Square Enix Division 1 in Japan. The Reddit post gives a variety of information for the game such as gameplay mechanics, story changes and a playable demo. These rumors follow after the newly released trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake which involved learning more about the game in June. Likely, it will be presented at Square Enix’s E3 2019 conference.

Early on in the game’s development Square Enix announced that the remake will be episodic. This news worried fans that it would be released in shorter packages like what Square does with Life is Strange. According to this thread though, Final Fantasy VII Remake will consist of two different parts that will each be a full game experience costing $59.99 each. The first part of the game plays from the beginning to Aeris’s death as she is placed into the water.

More rumors in this potential leak include the game’s open-world being close to seamless, the notorious cross-dressing section still being present, and Yuffie and Vincent no longer being optional recruits to join your party like in the original. To top it all off, there is supposedly going to be a playable demo at E3 with a PS4 demo releasing on PSN soon after.

Obviously, none of this is confirmed by Square Enix whatsoever just yet so don’t take any of this as complete truth for now. That said, what is being laid out here doesn’t seem too far-fetched and could potentially be real. Either way, we’ll find out more about Final Fantasy VII Remake next month.

You can find the complete list of rumors below.

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