Final Fantasy VIII Boss Battle Theme Remade in Dreams

Final Fantasy VIII Boss Battle Theme Remade in Dreams

A Reddit made a near flawless remake of Final Fantasy VIII's boss theme "Force Your Way" in Media Molecule's game creation title Dreams.

It’s no secret that Media Molecule’s Dreams has provided us with some breathtaking and wonderful creations. And this most recent one is no exception, as a Reddit user u/Techno_Wagon was able to recreate the iconic boss battle theme from Final Fantasy VIII. The music track, called “Force Your Way,” is one of my favorite boss themes of all time. And this user more than does the track justice with this rendition:

I Made the Final Fantasy 8 Boss music in dreams… from r/PS4Dreams

I hope to see even more compositions from this Reddit user, or from others who may be inspired by this work and try their hand at recreating famous videogame tracks.

Dreams is a game creation system developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony. The game puts focus on “play, create and share,” and allows players to create user-generated content in the form of fully fledged video games, video game logic and mechanics, assets, 3D sculptures, music, art and more. This content can then be shared or remixed to be used in other’s creations.

The premise has lent itself to some incredible endeavors such as the recreation of a boss battle from Final Fantasy VII Remake, the opening sequence from Marvel’s Spider-Man, a player who implemented their very own concept of Days Gone using the title’s custom and pre-built objects, the opening gameplay section of Metal Gear Solid, and a recreation of a few sets from Remedy’s Control.

Currently, Dreams is available via Early Access on PS4. This phase will set you back $29.99 but will allow you to create and play your levels like this from others.