Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Actually Make Squall the Best Looking Guy Here

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Actually Make Squall the Best Looking Guy Here

It only took 20 years, but Squall is now as good looking as Rinoa claims.

Square Enix is finally putting to rest an old meme with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

In a new post from the official Final Fantasy Twitter account today, an iconic scene from Final Fantasy VIII was shared in which the character Rinoa pays Squall a compliment saying, “You’re the best looking guy here.” Over the years, many have made fun of the scene due to how pixelated and downright strange Squall’s face looks when Rinoa says this. It’s a product of the PS1’s graphical capabilities more than anything, but it still is pretty funny when you actually zoom in on Squall’s face.

Here’s the image from the original game:


Now, Square Enix has shown off this recreated scene in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and hey, Squall actually looks pretty hot now. The brief video that was shared on the Twitter account even zooms in on Squall’s face to show the clarity that this remaster will boast compared to the old version.

I gotta say, this is about as good of a way as any that Square could’ve sold fans on this remaster of Final Fantasy VIII. Not only does this remaster now end the long-standing joke amongst FF fans, but it also proves why this upcoming iteration of the game could be worth your time. It looks like a fair amount of work has actually gone into the remaster, which is good to see.

We’ll have to wait until later in 2019 though to see if the full version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be worth your time and money. As of now, it’s set to arrive before the end of 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.