In Game Bonus Announced for the Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Plus

In Game Bonus Announced for the Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Plus

Final Fantasy XI is a veteran betweeen MMORPGs and still a successful one dear to the hearts of many. That’s why Square Enix has shown no intention of stopping to support it for the time being.

On the contrary, they announced today more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Plus, that will be released  in Japan on November the 9th, priced at 3000 yen for two CDs.

The price converts to about $39, but before you scream “overpriced!”, remember that the cost of living and wages are much higher in Japan, driving up prices for everything. Just to give you an idea, the Treasures of Aht Urhgan Original Sountrack is priced 1500 yen on iTunes (about 19 dollars), while in the US it costs $9.99.

No western release has been announced for the moment, but all the OST CDs of Final Fantasy XI have been published on iTunes, so it’s quite probable that we’ll see this one following the same route as well.

The first of the two CDs will include twelve tracks from the latest expansions: Five will be from Wings of the Goddess, Two from A Crystalline Prophecy, One From A Shantotto Ascension, One from A Moogle Coup D’Etat and Four from the Abyssea series.

Each purchase of the sountrack will come with a limited edition code to unlock a Spinel to decorate your Mog House in the game. Every time you enter the Mog House the spinel will play a different tune. You can see if it fits your current furniture past the cut: