Final Fantasy XI to add New Special Job Abilities

on August 22, 2012 9:19 AM

It has been ten years since its initial launch in 2002 and there is still a huge amount of content being developed for Square Enix’s MMO, Final Fantasy XI. The developer recently updated the game’s test server with a slew of new job abilities that players whom have access can try out for themselves. These abilities will carry a presumed recast timer of two hours – much like the original set of special abilities. The abilities in grey were not included in the most recent test server update.

Final Fantasy XI has enjoyed ten years of continued success for Square Enix. A new expansion entitled, Seekers of Adoulin, is being developed for a 2013 release. There have also been rumors of a PS Vita port of the game. A tentative list of the new special job abilities is available below.

Job Effect
Warrior Auto-attacks will not be considered physical damage. Greatly increases accuracy.
Monk Counters almost every enemy auto-attack and greatly increases enmity.
White Mage Prevents party members from receiving status ailments.
Black Mage Greatly lowers the amount of enmity accrued from spells.
Red Mage Bolsters the effects of enhancing magic.
Thief Deals severe damage and transfers your enmity to the party member in front of you.
Paladin Greatly increases chance of blocking with shield and damages target. Increases enmity.
Dark Knight Auto-attacks absorb target’s TP.
Beastmaster Sacrifice your pet to recover HP and remove status ailments.
Grants the effect of Stoneskin.
Bard Greatly reduces target’s magic defense, magic evasion, INT and MND.
Ranger Allows you to deliver optimally accurate and powerful ranged attacks from any distance.
Arrows are not expended during attacks.
Samurai Evades all special attacks that deal physical or magic damage.
Enhances the potency of your next weapon skill every time you evade a special attack.
Ninja Greatly increases the chance of parrying.
Reduces ninjutsu casting times by half and eliminates the need for ninja tools.
Dragoon Recovers wyvern’s HP and removes status ailments. Enhances breath effects.
Summoner Eliminates “Blood Pact” recast times.
Blue Mage Allows unlimited casting of blue magic spells that use Unbridled Learning.
Corsair Allows for up to three Phantom Rolls to be in effect simultaneously.
Puppetmaster Allows automatons to use a special ability that varies by head.
Harlequin Head: Mighty Strikes
Valoredge Head: Invisible
Sharpshot Head: Eagle Eye Shot
Stormwaker Head: Chainspell
Soulsoother Head: Benediction (will only affect the automaton and members of its master’s party)
Spiritreaver Head: Manafont
Dancer Gives five finishing moves and resets flourish recast timers.
Eliminates the cost of finishing moves.
Scholar Transfers the whole party’s enmity to a party member of your choice.
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