Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Swag-eriffic Special Editions

Edit: These editions, it seems, are for Europe only. Boo hiss.

Someone’s feeling generous! Two new collector’s editions have been announced for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and between you and me they’re both pretty drool-worthy.

The Crystal Edition of the game will get you a sweet presentation box for your game disk, the 4-disk Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack, an exclusive not-available-anywhere-else-oh-my-God-I-need-it Final Fantasy XIII-2 t-shirt, the Final Fantasy XIII-2 artbook, 6 collectible postcards with CG images of the game’s main characters, and a high-definition  print of the image of Lightning that heralded the game’s first announcements. Well then.

The Limited Collector’s Edition of the game includes all of the above except the exclusive t-shirt and the full Original Soundtrack, and instead is replaced by a Composer Selected Soundtrack CD featuring game tracks hand-picked by composer Masashi Hamauzu.

Of course, we can’t forget about all the swag and DLC goodies available when fans pre-order through specific companies. Here’s a quick round-up of what we’ve got so far (note that these are for North America):

Gamestop: Alternate costume for Serah, visible throughout the game (including cutscenes).

Amazon: The Omega Boss battle package, featuring a unique coliseum battle against the enemy Omega. This monster, after defeat, is able to join the player’s party. Rumor has is this pack also includes alternate costumes for both Serah and Noel.

Best Buy: The collectible hardcover novella Final Fantasy XIII – Episode i – , the original story tying together the events between the end of XIII and the very beginning of XIII-2.


So then, Final Fantasy XIII fans — what are you ordering?

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