Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 Fails to Chart in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 Fails to Chart in Japan


Japan’s unconcern with the Xbox 360 reached an all time high last week when the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII launched. The game was a tremendous flop; it is estimated that the game sold less than 20,000 copies and it didn’t make it into the top twenty.

This is a feat for two reasons. One, this is without a doubt the first time i have ever heard of a numbered Final Fantasy entry flopping in Japan. Two, there was content on the remixed ‘international version’ that wasn’t available on the PS3, which essentially means that whoever doesn’t play it is missing out on part of the game.

Either the Japanese passionately hate the Xbox or  even additional content couldn’t enthuse them to repurchase a game they’ve been playing since last year. Or maybe both. Perhaps it was too late. FFXIII is old news now, even here in the States where it came out earlier this year. At this rate, if the next console FF game isn’t multiplatform at launch over there, they may as well not waste their time and resources.