Final Fantasy XIII on PC Has Already Been Modded to Support Higher Resolutions

on October 10, 2014 4:10 PM

Word on the internet is that Square Enix’s PC port of Final Fantasy XIII is a bit… well, uninspired. Coming to the rescue is sterling modder Durante — the individual responsible for modding similar resolution concerns for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in just under 23 minutes on PC. Impressive, huh?

Releasing an updated version of his GeDoSaTo tool, which includes a custom plugin for the game, the tool allows for much higher resolutions (above the locked 1280 x 720 option, which is pretty much laughable for PC gamers)  and more expansive graphical options.

“GeDoSaTo is a utility for modifying the rendering of games. Its primary purpose is allowing for downsampling without any limitations and with high quality filtering, but it can also be used to inject various effects, hid HuDs, or even add new capabilities with game-specific plugins,” Durante explains in his blog.

While the tool sounds appealing, and may even be just that for resolution enthusiasts, take into consideration that it is still a work in progress sitting in the beta stage (Beta 0.14 “Barrage am Ring,” as of this writing) and may spring up a few bugs here and there.

The latest version of GeDoSaTo can be downloaded from Durante’s blog, in addition to some more information on the tool, usage, installation howto’s and known bugs.

(Note: The image for this article is a still of the higher resolution PC version of Final Fantasy XIII)


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