Final Fantasy XIII Sells Out in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII Sells Out in Japan

Surprising? Hell no. Everyone was expecting the gargantuan franchise that is Final Fantasy XIII to sell like crazy. That’s why it really isn’t that much of a surprise, at least to me, that the newly released blockbuster RPG – developed by Square Enix – has sold out in Japan after an impressive launch. The game itself has moved more than one million copies since launch day which, I might add, is something that I was totally expecting (being that there is a ridiculous fanbase for the series).

The sales numbers given by Square Enix, however, only depicts the sales numbers in software sales. The sales numbers does not include sales figures of the “Lightning Edition” PlayStation 3 bundle, which also includes a copy Final Fantasy XIII along with one sexy looking PlayStation 3.

Christmas is coming up, folks. If you’re looking to get me something for the Christmas, Hanukkah, Three-Kings days, whatever, you can definitely get me the “Lightning Edition” PlayStation 3. Do I own one? Yes. But that that one just looks so nice.

Final Fantasy XIII hits North American stores on March 9, 2010. Start pre-ordering your copies now, people. I promise you that launch day is going to be insane.

[via andriasang]