Final Fantasy XIII Ships Two Million Copies for Day One [Updated]

Final Fantasy XIII Ships Two Million Copies for Day One [Updated]

As you all are probably aware, unless you live under a rock somewhere, Final Fantasy XIII released in Japan today (well, yesterday now, their time).  In just the first day, it seems roughly two million copies sold.  In one day!  That’s a huge number for sales in Japan.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sales figures for U.S. and European release days this spring, as well.

Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square-Enix, had these awe-inspiring words to say after hearing the initial sales figures:

This is an extremely favorable turnout.  From now until the New Years holiday the Playstation 3 is expected to grow in popularity.  I believe everyone will be very satisfied.

“Very satisfied” is an understatement, I think, Mr. Wada.  This game has been over five years in the making and was probably hyped up as much as Modern Warfare 2 or God of War 3.  If you want to check out some images of the midnight release lines in Japan, head on over to Kotowari.  You don’t see lines like this for JRPGs on this side of the Pacific, that’s for sure!

All I have to say is congrats to Square-Enix for a rather explosive first day.  Now we’ll see how much that number inflates in the first week and month.  Expecting FFXIII to top sales charts in Japan and see a boost in PS3 sales because of it is a no brainer.

Update: Our quoted source above was, unfortunately, incorrect.  These are shipment numbers, not official sales numbers.  Thanks to our reader John for catching it.  Several sites, including Famitsu, refer to these shipment numbers.  We’ll likely have to wait a little longer for the official sales figures.  I have left the original post above the same, but changed the post title.  I still maintain my thoughts in the original post.