Final Fantasy XIII Sweepstakes Incoming

So, Final Fantasy XIII is out in Japan and everyone over here in jealous.  Perhaps you can hardly contain your excitement and you’re wondering what to do to pass the time until the fateful day of March 9, when you can get your sweaty palms on your own copy.  Fear not, Square-Enix has you covered!

Today they announced their “Stylin’ Final Fantasy XIII Sweepstakes”, which will give fans in the U.S. something to look forward to since every waking moment isn’t being occupied with the game itself.  What is this sweepstakes, you ask?  A total of 13 winner will receive Final Fantasy XIII inspired jewelry and accessories.  Thirteen, get it?  Final Fantasy XIII?  Ok, good.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this contest involves, but it’s likely you must be a member over at the Square-Enix site (for some reason, as of this writing, the link they gave in the press release isn’t working and the U.S. members site is all in Japanese – I think they’re playing with my mind).

Needless to say, if you are interesting in this sweepstakes, it starts on December 23 and has some pretty spiffy prize packages.  Check this out:

Four winners will receive one of these pendants:

  • Final Fantasy XIII Silver Pendant (Lightning)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Silver Pendant (I’Cie)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Silver Pendant (Snow)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Silver Pendant (Serah)

If you don’t win one of those, you could be in the running for these sweet Final Fantasy XIII accessories, which nine additional winners will claim:

  • Final Fantasy XIII Key Chain (Lightning)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Card Case (I’Cie)

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I’ll toss out the URL anyway, even though it isn’t working quite yet, just in case you want to keep track of it.  The Final Fantasy XIII sweepstakes will start on December 23 and at some point you’ll be able to find out more information on it here:

You’re wondering how many times I can actually refer to Final Fantasy XIII in one post, right?  I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one.

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