Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer + English Subs

If you haven’t seen the Tokyo Games Show trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, you really need to do something drastic to yourself; something like deprive yourself from ice cream for the next two years. It’s probably one of the most visually appealing games of this generation – and now that we have some English subtitles going on in this trailer, we can actually get a glimpse of what’s really happening between the characters and the theocratic government of Cocoon known as Sanctum.

The first thing you’ll notice while viewing the trailer is the sheer beauty of the CG that is shown. I really have no clue the kinds of drugs the folks over at Square Enix consume for their pleasure to make masterpieces like this but, whatever it is, I will take a couple of kilograms of it. I will will even be bold enough to say that Square Enix and their hallucinogen absorbing employees flesh out the best CG videos that I have ever seen.

The ridiculous thing about the visuals of this game isn’t only the textures used to molest your eyes, no, no, no. It’s the hair, folks. The hair. CG, in-game, wherever you look, the hair follicles in their faces and head look absolutely stunning. I mean, honestly, the chin hairs on Snow’s face must have been placed there individually in order to make it look like trimmed pubes. Even the black dude’s afro looks stunning – the thing looks like a spongy microphone filter. With the extended demonstration of their battle system, you’ll find your eyes roaming about at the backgrounds which, like the rest of the game, looks just as incredible as everything else. My chubby occurred, though, once glimpses of summons were shown; Ifrit transforming into some Hot Wheels car thing which that black dude, who’s name is Sazh Katzroy, jumps into for the sake of owning whatever it is he’s fighting, followed by the lead character, Lightning, who mounts, ironically, on the lightning  summon Ixion to whoop some serious ass.

We can sit here and pin-point the obvious beauties that Final Fantasy XIII‘s visuals are pushing out. But Final Fantasy wouldn’t be Final Fantasy without the deep, emotional stories that the series is known for. In the TGS trailer, you’ll notice that, although the characters are in a diplomatic war against the mighty army, PSICOM, Snow, along with the rest of the characters, strive to “save” the life of Lightning’s little sister, Serah. What happens to her is hard to come by in the trailer, however. But we do know that the basis for Snow and Lightning teaming up has a lot to do with saving Serah.

The trailer is shown below with English subtitles. As a fan of RPGs, I am more than excited to get a hold of this game. Damn you, Square Enix, for holding out!

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