Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Hitting Home Tomorrow

on November 12, 2009 11:20 AM

Yea… this wasn’t the announcement the lot of us were expecting. Apparently, even though everyone and their mother has already seen the Final Fantasy XIII trailer in Japanese and with English subs, tomorrow’s big news might just be that we’re getting the English dubbed version of the trailer.

The new Final Fantasy XIII trailer will be headed the the theater in PlayStation Home tomorrow, for those of you who are more than eager to see the entire trailer in English this time. Don’t get me wrong – the trailer looks beautiful and the game looks very appealing; but, honestly, the lot of us were leaning more toward announcements with regard to XMB improvements and what not. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone. This might not be the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. But don’t manage to get disappointed if it is – just a head’s up.

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