Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.4 Gets Release Date and New Videos Showing New Content

Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.4 Gets Release Date and New Videos Showing New Content

Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4 "Prelude in Violet" will be released on September 18th fo PS4 and PC, and it'll bring a ton of new content.

Today, during the latest “Letter from the Producer Live” Final Fantasy XIV broadcast Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi talked more about the upcoming patch 4.4, titled “Prelude in Violet.”

The first thing we see is a boss from the new Omega: Alphascape raid. It’s Chaos from the first Final Fantasy.

We then learn that the patch releases on September on September 18th.

We also get a recap of the features coming with the patch, including new quests, two new dungeons, new trials, Omega: Alphascape (plus its Savage version), updates to The Lost Canal of Uznair and The Forbidden Land of Eureka (which will come in update 4.45), and more.

You can find the full list below.

Then we get to see the Hells’ Kier encounter, featuring a battle against Suzaku.

We move to The Lost Canals of Uznair, featuring an interesting roulette mechanic.

The next thing on the menu are the bonuses for the upcoming FanFests, including the SDS Fenrir mount and Final Fantasy VII minions.

Following, we get to see the mannequins for the game’s housing feature, able to display our equipment. It’s also possible to set them up to sell the items, which is useful if you roleplay as a crafter or shopkeeper.

In the video below you can see the new GATE for the Gold Saucer, featuring another hellish jumping puzzle.

If you want to learn more about Final Fantasy XIVyou can also enjoy the latest screenshots of the 4.4 update, read our review of the Stormblood expansion, alongside the latest comments from Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida.

If you’re struggling with the current The Rising event, you can also read our dedicated guide. Just today, Square Enix announced that the game passed 14 million registered users.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC, and you can grab a copy on Amazon.

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