Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets Three New Servers, Character Creation Restrictions Lifted on Most Servers (UPDATE)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets Three New Servers, Character Creation Restrictions Lifted on Most Servers (UPDATE)

The major update to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that was supposed to fix the  server congestion problems experienced in the past week or so, has been successfully rolled out, and so far things appear to be going rather well. At the very least there doesn’t seem to be a lynch mob of angry players clamoring all over Twitter and complaining about login errors demanding Naoki Yoshida’s head, at least for now.

Square Enix announced that three new servers have been added to the datacenters: Pandaemonium for Japan, Famfrit and Lich for the western datacenter, with Lich recommended for European users. According to the development team the system is ready for the addition of new servers if necessary, but login capacity for each server has also been increased, so they may not be necessary.

Character creation restrictions have also been lifted from  the majority of servers in which they were in effect, but they may be reenacted on a case by case basis if any server were to get excessively crowded with a disproportionate influx of new characters.

Login restrictions have been actually temporarily strengthened, in order counter the sudden rush of users trying to log in after the maintenance, so players may expect queues in the next few “tens of minutes” but they will be relaxed gradually until conditions of normal operation are reached. Even if the login capacity of each server has been increased, login restrictions may also be applied again on a case by case basis if a server were to go over its newly increased capacity.

We can only hope for everything to go smoothly, as the community deserves to finally enjoy the game without major issues. At the very least we can look at the bright side: the update didn’t cancel any files from our PCs.

Update: while initial login problems seem to have been solved, with most players able to login without issue, character creation has been restricted again on many servers, since they hit their upper limit. Also, error 3102 seems to have resurfaced for some players. We’re waiting for official word from Square Enix about it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a further maintenance to correct that.

Update2: according to an official statement issued by Square Enix, the issue has been fixed.