Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Beta to Start in November

July 29, 2012

You may remember Final Fantasy XIV from a few years ago. It was released as an MMO for the PC with generally terrible ratings and the game quickly bombed. Square Enix has been hard at work rebuilding the game with a new development team to try and reboot FFXIV successfully. Starting next month the game will be getting a massive overhaul of all its systems with a new client to be released in October.

However it won’t be until November that Playstation 3 users will get a chance to play it on their consoles. There is set to be a closed beta, so good luck getting in. That’s likely to last until the new year, though an open beta will likely pop up as soon as they iron out some of the bugs. Oh and one last bit of good news, if you did play Final Fantasy XIV before, all your data from the old system will be saved.

Miranda Quillen

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