Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Box Art, Collector’s Edition and PS3 Details Leaked (UPDATED)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Box Art, Collector’s Edition and PS3 Details Leaked (UPDATED)

Today seems to be a big day for Square Enix, and I suspect we’re going to get a firm release game for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. How do I know? Two major leaks just happened.

First all someone managed to dig what seems to be the official European cover of the game from Amazon’s servers. You can see it above.

Update: all the information in this post is now officially confirmed. You can find a lot more information, pictures and pricing details alongside the official release date here

It features one Gaius van Baelsar, one of the villains heavily featured in Final Fantasy XIV and returning in A Realm Reborn. If you don’t know who he is, you can check out my The Story So Far recap column. Also featured is a scene from the fall of Dalamud and the appearance of Bahamuth.

Secondly, a post that was supposed to announce the release date of the game and several pieces of utility information for those that already purchased the original Final Fantasy XIV was accidentally posted on the official Lodestone website. While the post didn’t actually include the most juicy part (the release date) and was taken down in a hurry, people still managed to read and leak its contents.

To make a long story short, they will be able to download the PC version for free. Those that want the PS3 version will have to purchase it.

If you bought the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV you will get the digital items included in the new collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for free via Moogle Mail: those are the Helm of Light, the Baby Behemoth Minion, the Behemoth Barding, and the Coeurl Mount.

In addition to this Legacy Players (if you don’t know what a Legacy Player is, chances are that you aren’t one) will get to take part in the game’s early access before launch.

If you want to purchase multiple copies of the PS3 version, you’ll have to prepare multiple PSN account, as each PSN account can be linked only to a single copy. If you also have a PC version of the game, once you register your PS3 copy you’ll be able to log in with the characters from your old PC version as well (but not at the same time with both platforms).

There will also be a Collector’s Edition Digital Upgrade Service that will allow players to upgrade their Final Fantasy XIV standard edition to collector’s edition status (for a yet unspecified fee) and receive the items mentioned above.

So there you have it. While you should definitely consider all of this a rumor until officially confirmed, the floodgates are probably about to open. Personally I’m guessing we’ll see a release date set around August the 1st, but this is just my personal speculation based on the elements we have so far.

Are you ready to brave the reborn Eorzea? I know I am, and if you’re still on the fence you can check out my hands-on preview of the beta.