Final Fantasy XIV Class Reform Changes Detailed. Producer Video Q&A Published.

Final Fantasy XIV Class Reform Changes Detailed. Producer Video Q&A Published.

Square Enix published today a large batch of details about the changes to the armory system and to the way classes work in Final Fantasy XIV that will come with patch 1.20.

The reform of the class system aims to streamline the Armoury system, accentuate the uniqueness of each class and introduce a character development system and battle elements  unique to Final Fantasy XIV.

With the new system each class will gain fifteen actions and eleven traits from level 1 to level 50. Incremental versions of spells and actions (Sacrifice I, II and so forth) will be abolished, and replaced with a system that will make them scale in power with level in a linear way. Some will probably feel that this isn’t very Final Fantasy-ish, but it does make a lot of sense. 

Shield skills will be removed and re-implemented as part of the Gladiator Class, and a level-based cap will be implemented to the number of actions from another class each player will be able to set. Also, all traits will be strictly class-exclusive.

The Individual Combo (the name is not final) System will also be implemented: weapon skills will deal additional damage or apply additional effects if  certain conditions are met, like striking from the rear or the flank of the enemy. In addition to that, the system will have a “skillchain” effect similar to that present in Final Fantasy XI. The difference is that Final Fantasy XIV combos seem to have to be performed individually (hence the name).

A successful combo won’t only apply the additional effects and damage, but won’t also cost any TP. This should have the effect to make combat both more dynamic and tactical, allowing battles to be influenced more by the skill of the player.

In addition to this the full translation of the Q&A with Naoki Yoshida at the second Letter from the Producer Live has been published here, together with the recorded video (that you can see embedded below). There are several interesting pieces of information, like the full rundown of the new UI that will come with 2.0, details about housing, the new engine and more. You can also get to see Yoshida-san’s extensive use of bling and Foxclon (one of the community managers of the game) struggling with all his might not to fall asleep. Definitely a must see.