Final Fantasy XIV Comes Back Tonight

Final Fantasy XIV Comes Back Tonight

If you didn’t have enough of Final Fantasy XIV, and need something to keep you busy until the release of A Realm Reborn (or at least until you get invited to the alpha/beta), Square Enix got you covered.

The servers of the old game will be reopened tonight at midnight (Pacific Time), and will stay open as long as login numbers remain stable over a certain threshold.

Only players with service accounts that have a listed “End Date” of September the 30th, 2012 or later in their account management will be eligible to log in.

Of course, since the final save has already been done, no progression acquired after the servers will be reopened will carry over to A Realm Reborn. This is just a chance to play some more for the sake of it, or to see what you previously missed before it becomes completely unavailable.

I can’t say I won’t pay a few visits. I already miss Eorzea.

If you can’t access the servers because your account isn’t active (or you never had one), you can still get a taste of the old game in my weekly column Final Fantasy XIV: The Story So Far. Episode 2 will come tomorrow. Don’t miss it!