Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Revealed by Square Enix With New Details

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was revealed by Square Enix with a new trailer and new information for the MMORPG, with two new Jobs.

Square Enix revealed the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, titled Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, 6.0 and will be launching in Fall 2021. We detailed below all the information from tthe Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker announcement showcase.

First let’s check out the reveal trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, with the Japanese and English versions below.

The announcement happened at a venue in Japan with no audience because of the Cvodi-19 pandemic. Producer Naoki Yoshida and his translator shared all the details on stage alone. While I could easily understand YoshiP’s words, kudos as always to translators for being able to handle the pressure and translate live like that at events.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will include two new Jobs. Naoki Yoshida mentioned that they received a lot of feedback about how FF XIV is lacking healers. So they first revealed the Jobs’ roles. The first Job is a healer role, the second one is a melee DPS role. Only the first job was fully revealed for now.

The first new Job is the Sage, “Kenja” in Japanese. A Job who uses magic imbued weapons who definitely looks like Funnels from Gundam. The weapons they use are called Nouliths and were made specifically for FF XIV and its their first appearance in the franchise. In the main story, Alphinaud will Job Change to Sage.

The visuals of Nouliths change depending on what weapon you use. Lastly, the starting level of the Job is 70. So you need at least another Job at Level 70, and have purchased the Endwalker Expansion, to use the Sage job.

Next, YoshiP also described the Sage as a “Barrier Healer”. They can heal but also prottecc the party, and can also temporarily buff their own magic abilities.

YoshiP *reads the stream’s comments*: ‘I”m seeing a lot “This is Gundam, These are funnels.”in there. No comment”.

Next, Naoki Yoshida said the words Final End Finale will be important to the plot, and the Endwalker Expansion will be the ending of the ten years old saga that started with A Realm Reborn. The end of 6.0 is the end of the Hydaelyn Zodiark Saga.

However, Naoki Yoshida stressed out this doesn’t mean Final Fantasy XIV itself is ending. He’s not quitting the FF XIV project either.

Next, the story intro for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was published. Don’t scroll down any further if you haven’t finished the Shadowbringer story yet.

YoshiP: “Maybe there’s an Evangelion on the moon.”

Next we have screenshots from the reveal trailer. Alphinaud is a Sage but has a customized costume. Alisaie is still Red Mage but might get a new costume. We have Fandaniel too:

YoshiP: “Fandaniel is not the last boss but he’s important. Can’t say anymore to avoid spoilers”.

Then we’ve got Zenos, who considers the Warrior of Light his friend.

YoshiP: ” I know you guys don’t think of him as your friend tho”.

YoshiP also mentioned many characters from previous story chapters will reappear. The story overall will be very complex, with lot of surprises.

Following that, YoshiP revealed the new features coming with Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

The level cap is going up to Level 90. We’ll also have new areas.  They can’t show us actual gameplay yet, but we have artwork and screenshots.

We were first introduced to a new city, Radz-At-Han. The city is in Thavnair, a new field.

Net, we have another new field, Garlemald.

Next, YoshiP revealed new tribes appearing in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The first one are the Matanga, the Arkasodara tribe.

YoshiP: “Some players might have recognized them”.

The extension will also include new threats and new dungeons:

YoshiP:Final Fantasy X fans might recognize it, it’s Anima. The same staff member who did Anima’s artwork in in Final Fantasy X works on FF XIV and remade its design for the game”.

Three artwork of the new dungeons were shown, as included above.

Next, we’ve seen the first details of the High-End Raid in FF XIV Endwalker

YoshiP: “This person looks similar. We’ve seen that mark somewhere before. We can’t tell yet where the Raid will be. But it’s a completely new original story and Raid.” The new raid is Pandemonium.

A new Alliance Raid was announced too. The staff is working on it, and details will be revealed on the next digital fan festival. It’ll be a FF XIV original story Raid, centered on a certain unanswered piece of lore. It won’t be a crossover like the ongoing NieR Automata raid.

Next, YoshiP revealed a new Small-Scale PVP Mode coming with Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

This new PVP mode will be more casual and immersive by removing role restrictions. It’ll also have a new type of rewards that aren’t gear.

Estinien Wyrmblood will be available as a Trust NPC

YoshiP: “I know a lot of Dragoon betray people but don’t worry he won’t betray you.”

New Element in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Revealed: Island Sanctuary

Next, we heard about two new adjustments to the battle system.

First, the numbers used for battle calculations will be downscaled. This is something YoshiP brought up in the past. They’re changing the numbers themselves, not the formulas.

This is not a nerf of the players’ characters. Everything is staying the same, but the numbers are going down. One thing affected however is how you’ll have more trouble clearing older content with an undersized party.

The other change is the removal of Belts. They also considered removing Rings, but a lot of players use it for fashion, so they’re staying.

Lastly, the Lunar Whale from Final Fantasy IV is coming as a mount alongside Rydia, Edge and Rosa as Minions. The Final Fantasy XIV Festival 2021 is happening on May 15 and 16.

Final Fantasy XIV was also announced on PS5.

A new function will let players travel between Servers.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Announcement Showcase

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