Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Has Over 50 Hours of Gameplay, 9 New Areas and Much More on PS4, PS3 and PC

on April 11, 2015 7:58 AM

During the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm  Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave the rundown of what we can expect from the upcoming expansion Heavensward, that will be released on June 23rd for PS4, PS3 and PC.

  • The expansion includes over 50 hours of gameplay for the main scenario quest, with more coming with further patches numbered from 3.1 onwards.
  • New quests will be introduced, including new job quests for both existing and new jobs, including crafters and gatherers, up to level 60.
  • New areas will be betweet 50 and 100% bigger than the existing ones, and there will be nine of them.
  • Flying mounts will be able to land and take off without restrictions. Flight will be possible in all expansion areas, but not in the old ones.
  • Leveling of the new jobs will start from level 30 instead of going all the way from level 1.
  • Multiple new actions will be added to every job. Level 3 limit breaks will be specific to each job, with the existing ones distributed among three of the existing jobs.
  • There will be new equipment for all jobs, and new tomestones. Tomestones of Law will have no limit, Tomestones of Esoterics will have a weekly cap.
  • New recipes and Materia V will be added for crafters.
  • Crafters will have a specialization system for three classes of their chosing. They’ll still be able to level to 60 in all classes. “Scripts” will be used to change specialization. Each specialization will have access to specialist actions.
  • Treasure hunts will be expanded and new gathering points and fishing holes will be added to all areas.
  • A new “Divine favors” feature will allow you to find hidden gathering points. Favors will remain active only for a limited time and will be obtained only via scrips. The Regional Folklore system will also be added, allowing you to obtain high level gathering items.
  • Gatherers and crafters will be able to procure rare items for Rowena, who will reward them with scrips and Exp.
  • Red scrips will have no limit, while blue scrips will have a weekly limit, pretty much like tomestones.
  • The expansion will also include high level levequests and FATEs, large scale FATEs, new field enemies and new elite marks for hunts.
  • 8 new instanced dungeons will be introduced.
  • The Alexander raid will be introduced in normal and savage mode.
  • Primals Ravana and Bismarck will have their own battles in normal and hard mode.
  • A new frontline area will be introduced, alongside a new ruleset and new PvP rewards.
  • Free company houses will be improved with a free company workshop that will allow to craft housing items and airships.
  • The Expeditionary system will be implemented, allowing free companies to explore the skies with their airship. It will be expanded in further updates.
  • New furniture will also be introduced.
  • The expansion will include new retainer ventures, an expanded sightseeing log, specific Ishgardian markets, new triple triad cards and adjustment to existing 2.X content.
  • The duty finder will be expanded with the ability to challenge duties with smaller parties, new roulette types and conditions and the ability to sync the item level to the lowest in the party.
  • A new loot system will be introduced for raids, including the “lootmaster” feature that will give control to one player, and the “all greed” system that will remove the ability to need if the party chooses.
  • The DirectX 11 client will also be introduced.
  • The Alexander dungeon will be opened two weeks after the release of the expansion. Two weeks later the savage version will open, allagan tomestones of esoterics will be available and the new frontline area will be opened as well.

Below you can see the new main menu, all the presentation slides shown during the broadcast, including some (small) pictures of some of the new PvE and PvP equipment.

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