Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3 Is Completely Done

Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3 Is Completely Done


You heard that right, the PS3 version of Square-Enix’s new MMO is completely, 100% ported over from the PC, the only thing left to do now is to optimize the game for the platform. In this week’s Famitsu, producer Hiromichi Tanaka, along with the game’s director, Nobuaki Komoto, talk a bit about the PlayStation 3 version and what to expect when it releases.

Of special note here are the differences (or lack thereof?) between the PS3 and PC versions. It seems, because of the memory difference between the two platforms, some textures on the PS3 version need to be trimmed down a bit, so if you’re looking at them up close and personal, it’s likely they will seem less sharp than on the PC. This, folks, is to be expected, and is the case with every game released on both consoles and the PC. Typical gaming PCs simply have more memory and more processing power at their disposal by default, so developers can make use of this fact to increase texture quality.

As expected, players of both the PS3 and PC versions will be playing on the same servers. Square-Enix has a habit of doing this with their MMOs and, frankly, I don’t see why other developers of cross-platform MMOs seem to be having issues with it. (Yes, this is a shout out to DC Universe Online – I couldn’t resist.)

If you’re expecting a release date, you won’t get one. It is highly possible the game is still on track for a Spring 2011 release. However, the amount of time they take to polish and refine the PS3 version could vary quite a bit, depending on how meticulous they get and how much they want to eek out of the PS3’s processor and memory. But, those of you waiting for the PS3 version should be happy knowing it is nearly here.