Final Fantasy XIV X Garo Crossover Equipment Gets Release Date; More Details Shared

Final Fantasy XIV X Garo Crossover Equipment Gets Release Date; More Details Shared

During Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ‘s FanFest in Tokyo, Square Enix announced the implementation of crossover equipment with the popular Japanese tokusatsu TV franchise Garo, and today they followed up with a press release including a release date and more details.

The new equipment will be released on all servers worldwide on January 17th, excluding the Chinese and Korean servers, that are run separately.

We also get precise details on what the collaboration will bring, including the armor of the four main Makai Knights from the TV show, the outfits of two Makai Priests, and three Madou horses as mounts.

  • Garo armor
  • Zero armor
  • Kiba armor
  • Dan armor
  • Reo outfit
  • Rekka outfit
  • Goten mount
  • Ginga mount
  • Raigo mount
  • Sword of Kiba Okami

Each armor and outfit will include head, torso, gloves and legs.

Armor and outfits will be granted as prizes in the Gold Saucer, whole a second version that you’ll be able to dye will be provided as a PvP reward. Mounts will be obtained through in-game achievements.

The crossover has been implemented in order to celebrate the launch in Japan of the new Garo series Dragon Blood, and the collaboration with Garo Director Keita Amemiya, that will design the bosses in the “Return to Ivalice” 24-man raid that will be implemented in the new expansion, Stormbloodcoming on June 20th. If you haven’t kept track of the news, the name isn’t random, as it will be written by Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story Director Yasumi Matsuno.

If you haven’t seen it before, you can check out the Garo crossover trailer below, and read all the latest news about Stormblood (including the announcement of the new Red Mage job), on top of checking out some spiffy official screenshots and videos from the recent presentation.

One thing is for sure, this fits better than the stuff from Yo-kai Watch.