Final Fantasy XIV Gets a New Developer Diary Video Series, First Chapter Showcases Sound Design

Square Enix announced today in a press release that its popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will be getting a new video series called  “Developer Diary”, allowing players to get a glimpse on how the creative team strives behind the scenes to bring the online world of Eorzea to life.

The first chapter released today focuses on sound design and highlights on how music and sound effects play a critical role into immersing the players into the game.

When creating the score for Heavensward, Lead Composer and Sound Director Masayoshi Soken was inspired a lot by the main theme of the expansion composed by Nobuo Uematsu “Dragonsong” and tried to convey as well the dark atmosphere of the main scenario. He also explains that when writing the music, the way players would feel and experience the music attached to the game was his main focus.

Yet, Sound design does not rely solely on the score but is rather a combination of music, sound effects, ambiance and voice acting. Sound designers Yousuke Nakashima and Go Kinuya also emphasize on how realistic sound effects – such as battle sounds, monster growls and background noises – are a key element into immersing the player.

The first chapter of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward developer diary can be watched below:

Morgane Bouvais

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