Final Fantasy XIV Gets Release Date and Collector's Edition is Beyond Tempting

July 1, 2010

Square Enix is making everyone do a back-flip right now with release dates for Final Fantasy XIV on PC as well as the Collector’s Edition and a sweet mother-load of details that will make any Final Fantasy fan itch for 8 days of early access and an in-game item they’ve probably never even heard of yet. Without further ado, hit the break to find out when you will cease sleeping in real life and settle for resting your eyes while skilling.

FFXIV will release September 30th, 2010 for PC. Even if you plan on buying this for your PS3 you might want to consider picking up this edition as well if you are really that serious about FFXIV and here’s why:


  • At times you might need to share your television, you can hop on to the PC or vice versa if you need to share your PC with the family.
  • The PC version might be coming out first! (No PS3 Release Date announced yet)
  • You only pay one fee to enjoy both games on the same account.
  • Your Square Enix account for FFXIV will be a universal log-in with all of your latest save information, meaning you can log off your PS3 and into your PC and vice versa and immediately resume what you were doing without losing anything.
  • Exclusive to PC In-Game Item: A pair of Garlond Goggles that will allow you to level up your skills faster!
  • The PC version of the game is game-pad compatible baby, woo! (Keyboard and Mouse also supported)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. What does everyone want in the Collector’s Edition of the game? Well I’m not sure what you might have expected but by all means Square Enix has put forth one of the best Collector’s Edition values I’ve ever seen. Here are all of the perks to picking up Final Fantasy XIV in Collector’s Edition:

  • Get it in Your Hands 8 Days Early: The release date for the Collector’s Edition is September 22nd, 2010.
  • Early Access to the Game: You will be able to play the game first. Square Enix will let everyone in who has the Collector’s Edition immediately as long as capacity of initial servers is adequate (otherwise you might miss a few days or so). They are estimating 8 days of early access from this offer.
  • Exclusive In-Game Item: Reward code given for the Onion Helm which will recover you faster after falling in battle.
  • Behind-the-Scenes DVD: Check out the exclusive videos, interviews, and get the inside look at the making of Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Travel Journal: A real-life journal complete with never-before-revealed concept art to keep your adventures preserved for later gloating.
  • Right of Passage: ‘Fully personalized’ certificate to brag about with a unique serial number.
  • Amano Cover: The beautiful cover art you see above (fashioned in the classic Final Fantasy VI style of concept art sketching) rather than the standard edition.
  • Security Token: To top it all off you will also receive a “FFXIV branded security token for use with your regular password”.

It should also be noted that ordering Final Fantasy XIV for PC will give you 30 days of free game-play. After that Square Enix will charge 13$ per 30 days for access to the highly anticipated MMO-RPG. It is currently unclear if this will be the same situation for PS3 users. The price of the standard edition is $49.99 and Collector’s Edition is $74.99 (values in US Dollar). The game supports English, French, German, and Japanese languages and is rated T for Teen.

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